Trace Towbots

The TRACE TowBot is the easiest, safest way for single operators to manuever aircraft in close quarters. The TowBot's hybrid zero-turn capability and fully-articulating, self-locking carriage can safely turn aircraft a full 360 degrees within the aircraft’s wingspan.

The TowBot operates by remote control to allow safe towing from any vantage point. Our patented towing technology eliminates lifting, positioning, electrical cords, fueling or hard starting of traditional aircraft towing machinery.

Our powerful, silent 24V & 28V DC motors provide smooth starts/stops and virtually maintenance-free performance. Multiple configurations are available to move almost any aircraft weighing up to 50,000lbs.

Choose From Four TowBot Models
Standard TowBot
Starting at:
Heavy Duty TowBot
Starting at:
Wheel Pant TowBot
Starting at:
Bomber Bot TowBot
Starting at:
Towing Capacity 15,000 lbs. 30,000 lbs. 15,000 lbs. 50,000 lbs.
Remote Controlled Towing
Silent Electric Motor 24V Motor 24V Motor 24V Motor 24V Motor
360 Degree Turning
Zero Emmissions
APU optional optional optional
Trailer Hitch
Tail Wheel Insert
Dual Wheel Carriage
Navigation LED