How TowBot Works

The remote-controlled TowBot allows a single operator to safely maneuver aircraft without the use of wing walkers. The TowBot's hybrid zero-turn capability and fully-articulating carriage can safely turn aircraft a full 360 degrees exceeding the aircraft wheels turn limit.

360 Degree Visibility - Tow aircraft from any vantage point
Remote Controlled Towing - Handheld unit eliminates the need for wing walkers
All Electric Motor - Powerful, silent electric motor pulls up to 50,000 lbs, based on applications.
Zero Emissions - Rechargeable battery eliminates fuel costs
Four Wheel Drive - Seamless starts and stops to prevent skipping and slippage

Operating the TowBot

Step 1:
Activate the TowBot unit and TowBot remote control.

Step 2:
Steer the TowBot to the desired wheel. The TowBot's 360 degree turning radius allows for perfect alignment with the aircraft wheels.

Step 3:
Once the TowBot is aligned, step on the foot pedal to lower the wheel carriage.

Step 4:
Drive the TowBot underneath the aircraft wheel to allow the TowBot carriage to automatically capture the wheel.

Step 5:
Once the wheel is in TowBot's center of gravity, the aircraft can be safely moved a full 360 degrees within its own turning radius.

Step 6: Once the aircraft is positioned, release the foot pedal and disengage the TowBot.

Choose from four TowBot models to take advantage of TowBot's 360 degree visibility and powerful towing capabilities.