The TRACE TowBot is the easiest, safest way for single operators, FBOs and maintenance shops to tow aircraft, helicopters and vehicles. The TowBot operates by remote control for safe towing from any vantage point without the need for wing walkers. Our patented technology eliminates lifting, positioning, electrical cords, fueling or hard starting of traditional aircraft towing machinery.

Aircraft & Helicopters

Standard, Heavy Duty and BomberBot TowBots feature both single and dual wheel carriages that are compatible with a wide range of single nose wheel or tail dragger aircraft weighing up to 50,000 lbs, based on applications.

Industrial Applications

TowBots can be used in place of forklifts to move propellers and heavy equipment.

Boats, Trailers and RVs

Our optional trailer towing attachment allows you to move almost any ball hitched trailer with ease and unprecedented maneuverability, including boats and RVs.